Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Manic Panic "Purple Haze"

Manic Panic "Purple Haze"

So the other days I got a wild hair up my bum to dye my hair purple. Why? No Clue. Just needed too. I mentioned this to Grandma & she specifically told me "NO PINK OR PURPLE FOR THANKSGIVING!" Well now...hmmm...I always ask Grandmas opinion, but that never stops me.  NEWAYS! I looked online at purple hair photos and came to the decision that I wanted Eggplant colored hair. Its a hard color to find on the fly. So I wandered over to Sally's Beauty Supply to check out their stock. I finally decided to go with Manic Panic "Purple Haze".
 Here is a shot of it in the bottle:
Okie Dokie! I had my hair dyed back in August. Browns, Reds, Blondes *which now seems orange in some spots* So this is what I was working with before I started. I almost put in some Manic Panic "Raven" but thought I better not...Black is VERY overpowering. My rule of thumb, if it comes out like shit, dye it dark brown ;)

Here are some shots of my Before Color:

The color was very "fall" like. But it washed my skin tone out too much. I was over the color too.

So here is a quick run down of how I did this.
Make sure to have GLOVES!! 

-I used 2 bottles of hair dye *barely enough*

-Dry, Unclean *but no product* Hair

-I start by dying my hair in the different ways I wear it. Pulled back, parted to the side, ect. That way I know for sure I wont have any Boo-Boo spots with my main hair styles.

-Then I start from one side of my hair and take small little 1/4" sections and slather them in color. Work all the way across your head to the other side. *making sure to cover hair really well in color*

-Once the sides & top of hair are covered, pull up into bun *not too tight, it will take color off*

-Finish back half of head. *Bulk of hair should be out of way now*

Now here is where we get off the beaten path here.
The bottle says leave in 15-30mins. But because it is a Vegan product you can leave in for much longer. I like to leave in a MINIMUM of 2-3 Hours. This product will not damage your hair, it will actually make it silky soft & smooth. You could leave this product in over night, the longer is sits, the brighter the color & helps it to stay longer.

*SIDE NOTE: If you have freashly bleached hair before this dye job, MAKE SURE TO RINSE ALL THE BLEACH OUT!! The bleach will sit & melt your hair*

Once color has sat, its time to rinse. Now I do not rinse until water runs clear. Heres my trick! Rinse until the water is slightly tinted. Air Dry, then run a straight iron through it. This helps to heat seal the color in, making it bold & rich. This can start to get messy,because there is left over color it will dye your hands & out side of straight iron. *Cleans up with Alcohol* 

So after looking like I slaughtered a Purple People Eater & bathing in its blood, HERE ARE THE RESULTS!! 

TA-DA! Purple!

This last photo is in really bright natural light *with flash*. Wanted to show how the highlights came out! Weeeee!

I am really enjoying this hair color. Tons of compliments! My hair is silky smooth & rich in color. My pillow case is dyed purple, but eh, oh well. My neck & hands....well pretty much everything was covered in purple. But I'm an Artist & its all a method of madness with me.  So thats my new hair! Happy Turkey Week Folks! Enjoy! 


P.s: Grandma LOVES the hair! ;)

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