Thursday, September 27, 2012

A little Makeup....

        Makeup Collection

I wanted to show a little peek at my Makeup collection. It has grown since these pictures were taken. If you see something that sparks your interest & would like a review or have a question, feel free to ask! 

There's MAC, Sugarpill, Tarina Tarantino, Jesses Girl, Wet N Wild, BFTE, Body Shop & so much more. Things have doubled in this draw since this pic was taken. 

 Lips: MAC, Benefit, Sephora, Maybelline, Body Shop, Smashbox, Victoria's Secret...So many brands i honestly cant remember. This drawer has also doubled in size *if not more*

Face: MAC, NARS, Smashbox, Hard Candy, Body Shop, Benefit, Tarte & lots more! 

I will put up some updated pictures soon! And also include my brush drawer & lash drawer! 

If anyone sees something they are interested in & have a question or would like a review of a product, feel free to ask!



Makeup Looks!

So I thought I would throw up a few makeup looks that i've done in the last few days. 

If anyone has a question feel free to leave a comment!

I tend to use A LOT of makeup *Not all of us are graced with "natural beauty" lol* So I promise one day I will come back & add a list of everything I use. Again, have a question, leave a comment! :D

A little background: I just had a baby 5 weeks ago. It was a miserable pregnancy. No makeup, no hair styling, nada. Sweats. For 9 months. I am slowing getting back into doing makeup again. So here are a few looks from this week:

    $2.97 walmart lashes & MAC Red lipstick

     Sugarpill & my $2.97 Walmart lashes *again*

Here are some looks i've done in the past!



So there are a few looks that I have done! :D
I still have tons of pics to post! So stay tuned! Don't for get to Subscribe! Questions or Comments, Feel free to post!Thanks!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 5- Blue

     -31 Day Nail Challenge-
            -Day 5-

So today is Day 5! Blue. I whipped this together at the last minute, but still cute!

           "Cinderella's Slipper"

 Colors that I used today:
Sinful Color- "Cinderella"
OPI- "Text me, Text You"
Nox- "Disco Darling"

I started with Sinful Color "Cinderella" then did a light layer of OPI "Text me, Text You" & finished off with Nox "Disco Darling"

                  -Close Up-

                                           -Sinful Color-Cinderella-

                   -OPI-"Text me, Text You"

So that was Day 5! Blue! I am lucky I even got these on here today. But I did! Hit everyday so far! Can't wait to get to some of the real crazy stuff! :D

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 4- GREEN

       -31 Day Nail Challenge-
               Day 4

So today is Green! I had to start over 3 different times with these. I'm going to have to start doing my nails again at 3am, just so I don't have to chase the kids. 

             Today's idea was a Bride Of Frankenstein 

With these nails, I did 3 coats of Sinful Color "Call You Later". Then I added a Clear Top Coat. Once dry, I used L.A. Color "Black" to create the stitches. 

My 3 yr old was insisting I do her nails at the same time. She requested a fence with a cat, pumpkin, a witch, skeleton & more to be on her nails. We settled for a pumpkin. *such tiny nails*

I used:

Sinful Color- "Call You Later"
Nox- "Black Tie"
L.A. Colors/Art Deco

If you haven't noticed, I am in LOVE with NOX "Black Tie"

Great product! Goes on smooth, few coats needed, glossy, strong. Sorry for using it everyday.

"Call Me Later" is a great color too! half way through a bottle already!! Very build able. 

So that was Day 4!! WEEEE! Stay tuned...Blue Tomorrow! 
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Monday, September 24, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 3- Yellow

              -31 Day Nail Challenge-
             -Day 3-

So for some reason I was having a hell of a time doing nails today. I started a set, then messed them up & started over. So after a few attempts, I said screw it. Here is today's yellow nail challenge. 

Its supposed to be Graveyard/Cemetery theme. The "gate" was a miss. Just not very happy, but i have no more patience for the color yellow. But use these as inspiration. 

       Some tombstone action going on here.

I used:

Sinful Color "Unicorn"
NOX "Black Tie"
L.A. Colors/Art Deco "Black" & "Red" & "Silver"

I found the yellow to be a little thick. Hard to get a clean coat. Im sure if i thinned it down, it would be better. Really nice color though. Very different from any other yellow I own. Plus the name got me. :)

So that was Day 3, Yellow! *cursing a few choice words* 

Lets hope tomorrow goes a little smoother, lol. Don't forget to Subscribe to my craziness! ;) ~Miss Massikur

Side Report: $250,000 Black Diamond Nail Polish

Came across a little Polish News today.

Azature has come out with a Black Diamond infused nail polish.

Interested? How about a price tag of $250,000? 

One bottle contains 267 carats of black diamonds.

But if a quarter of a million dollars is a little steep,

Azature is offering a department store version for $25.

Available at & Fred Segal now.

According to their website,

Each bottle comes with a real black diamond inside the bottle. 

Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish 
The black diamond king, Azature launches this Black Diamond polish that contains one real black diamond and is packaged in a .5 oz diamond shape bottle. This signature black coats on with a glittery sheen that resembles the sparkle of an Azature black diamond.

I was half tempted to buy. It was in the shopping cart & everything. But just couldn't do it. So if you happen to buy, let me know what you thought!! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 2- Orange

       31 Day Nail Challenge
             -Day 2- 

Day 2: Orange

October is fast approaching & its my favorite month. Who doesn't LOVE Halloween!?! So I thought I would do some Halloween Orange Nails. *dont be surprised if most of these nails end up having a Halloween flare to them* So here is Day 2!

Here are the colors I used:
Sinful Color- "Courtney Orange"
Sinful Color- "Call You Later"
L.A. Colors/Art Deco- "Black"

I am really enjoying Sinful Color! Great Product for the price!($1.99...or Walgreens puts them on sale for .99 every month) I get my L.A. Color/Art Deco from the Dollar Tree. After buying so many colors, its important to find a good deal.

So that was day 2! I need more nail polish remover! lol. Lets see what I come up with tomorrow! Thanks for stopping in! Subscribe! ~Ms.M

Saturday, September 22, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 1- Red

     -31 Day Nail Challenge-
             -Day 1-

Ok! So here we go! I am starting the 31 Day Nail Challenge! If you are not familiar with the challenge, here is the list. One color a day, for 31 days! *side note: I couldnt wait for October, so I just started. As along as I do 31, who cares when I start or end, eh?*

Starting with day 1- Red Nails
*Side note: I did not clean up my nails before these photos. Mother of 2, I'm amazing i got this far with them, lol. Knew if I didn't do em & takes pics, this project/blog wouldn't have happened*

I noticed a lot of people doing bright red nails. I wanted to go a little bit darker. Since today is officially the first day of the fall season, I thought these colors were a nice match.

Im loving this color combo. OPI "Bogota Blackberry" over laid with NOX "Disco Darling" with black tips in NOX "Black Tie" 

                    -OPI-"Bogota Blackberry"
                      -NOX-"Disco Darling"
                       -NOX-"Black Tie"

So that was Day 1! Not perfect, but really fun. *Even my husband loved them* These are great for Fall & the up coming holidays. Again I apologize for not cleaning them up. But i'm sure everyone gets the idea :) Let me know what you think! Enjoy! 

-Miss Massikur

Thursday, September 20, 2012

First Post: nail preview


This is my very first blog/post! This blog will cover makeup, nails, reviews & more. I am thinking about starting the 31 Day Nail Challenge. So here are some nails that i've previously done. 

                                                   -Russian Navy-
                                                    -Hello Kitty-
                                                    -Girl On Fire-
I will also so be showing off some amazing colors that I have bought recently. So check back soon for lots of new posts!