Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Halloween never seems to end around here...

There is something living in my house.
What is it?
I don't know.
But there is something here.

I wrote a post back in October about my experience over at a friends house. That house was haunted. For real haunted. 

*Make sure to read that post if you haven't yet
Click here* 

Now I am having strange occurrences in my home. I don't know where to start this, but I'm going to dive in, hope you can keep up.

*Um...where to start, where to start?* 

Okay. So lately weird events have been happening. The other day my husband, me & our 2 daughters were having a really great time, laughing & giggling on the floor. My daughters "Sing-a-ma-jig" started freaking out a singing all quick & by its self. Then it quickly said "See You Later"

*SIDE NOTE: Sing-a-ma-jigs are the worlds creepiest toy ever*

It usually takes a few minutes for it to say its final catch phrase. Sure, dying batteries. Nothing more. 
Later that night I go outside to have a smoke. Come in & get some water, messing around the kitchen. As I walk past my daughters room, the same toy spouts off "See You Later" the moment I pass in front of her closed door. No random singing before, just "See You Later"

Ok, Ok...dying batteries. Then a few weeks go by. We were Christmas shopping & this random thought of buying a Ouija board popped into my head. So I'm searching for the stack of Ouija boards in Toys'R'Us & could not find any. None. So I randomly stop & look around the towering wall of board games. Gazing for a glimpse of the mystical board. Then right in front of me, Eye level, there was one lone Ouija Board tucked, misplaced on top of a stack of children's games. Husband thought it was too weird & told me not to buy it. 

We never could find the original Ouija board spot on shelf, just one lone board.

So what do I do? I buy it. Why? No Clue.

I bring this board home & activity starts to pick up like a mother. 

My 4 yr old daughter draws a family portrait with an Extra family member in it. *We are a family of 4. The small one in the middle is the baby...the one next to me...???*

I ask her who that is. "Its my Friend"

I ask where her friend lives. "In My house."

She says her "friend" is a little boy.

I other night I went outside again to have a smoke. My pretty black kitty was sitting on the outside table & starts staring at something in the corner behind me. Staring like if whatever it was moved, she was going to bolt the fuck outta there. She looked shocked. I called to the cat and her eyes shot back & forth between me & whatever was in the corner. I was hesitant to look behind me....
 but there was nothing there.

Our new flat TV keeps shutting off or the speakers pop.

We spend all yesterday putting up Christmas lights, In & out of the garage all day. 
At 7:30am this morning I just got the baby back to sleep & was laying down on the couch to sleep. Right as a lay my head & begin to rest, someone whispers "MAMA..." next to my head. It jolted me. I shot up & looked around. Expecting to see my child standing there. It sounded so close, but sounded so distant. I got up & looked at the baby, asleep. I was sure it was my 4 yr old who had woken up super early. I walked to her room expecting a sleepy eyed 4 yr old. But she was laying down. I lumber up to the top bunk & peeked at her. Sound asleep...out.
Creeped me out. I couldn't go back to sleep.

So later this morning my husband goes out to the garage to clean the car. He comes back in looking a little pale. He asks if I had gotten into the attic.
He says the car seat strap is dangling down out of the opening in the ceiling. 
I go out to the garage & this is what I see.

We were outside all day with the garage door open while we put up Christmas lights. In & Out, all day. I would have noticed a huge black strap dangling from the attic. No one got in the attic yesterday. This happened sometime between bedtime & this morning. My husband swears he's not fucking with me. 

So...yeah. Whats all this mean? Who freaking knows. But weird things are happening. No, I have NOT used the Ouija board. But something seems to really want to talk to me. 

I've had run In's with spirits when I was a child & because of it, I think I am somehow like a beacon to them. I don't mind them, if they are kind & stick to themselves. I'm not fond of this "look at me, look at me" behavior. You can think I'm crazy if you want, but when these things start to happen to you, remember to keep your head.

 Could it all be a coincidence? Probably. But take a harder look next time your pet is staring at the wall or when things seem a little off. There might just be a little more lurking around the corner.

P.S. When i grow a pair & use the Ouija board, i'll let you know what happens. ;)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Manic Panic "Purple Haze"

Manic Panic "Purple Haze"

So the other days I got a wild hair up my bum to dye my hair purple. Why? No Clue. Just needed too. I mentioned this to Grandma & she specifically told me "NO PINK OR PURPLE FOR THANKSGIVING!" Well now...hmmm...I always ask Grandmas opinion, but that never stops me.  NEWAYS! I looked online at purple hair photos and came to the decision that I wanted Eggplant colored hair. Its a hard color to find on the fly. So I wandered over to Sally's Beauty Supply to check out their stock. I finally decided to go with Manic Panic "Purple Haze".
 Here is a shot of it in the bottle:
Okie Dokie! I had my hair dyed back in August. Browns, Reds, Blondes *which now seems orange in some spots* So this is what I was working with before I started. I almost put in some Manic Panic "Raven" but thought I better not...Black is VERY overpowering. My rule of thumb, if it comes out like shit, dye it dark brown ;)

Here are some shots of my Before Color:

The color was very "fall" like. But it washed my skin tone out too much. I was over the color too.

So here is a quick run down of how I did this.
Make sure to have GLOVES!! 

-I used 2 bottles of hair dye *barely enough*

-Dry, Unclean *but no product* Hair

-I start by dying my hair in the different ways I wear it. Pulled back, parted to the side, ect. That way I know for sure I wont have any Boo-Boo spots with my main hair styles.

-Then I start from one side of my hair and take small little 1/4" sections and slather them in color. Work all the way across your head to the other side. *making sure to cover hair really well in color*

-Once the sides & top of hair are covered, pull up into bun *not too tight, it will take color off*

-Finish back half of head. *Bulk of hair should be out of way now*

Now here is where we get off the beaten path here.
The bottle says leave in 15-30mins. But because it is a Vegan product you can leave in for much longer. I like to leave in a MINIMUM of 2-3 Hours. This product will not damage your hair, it will actually make it silky soft & smooth. You could leave this product in over night, the longer is sits, the brighter the color & helps it to stay longer.

*SIDE NOTE: If you have freashly bleached hair before this dye job, MAKE SURE TO RINSE ALL THE BLEACH OUT!! The bleach will sit & melt your hair*

Once color has sat, its time to rinse. Now I do not rinse until water runs clear. Heres my trick! Rinse until the water is slightly tinted. Air Dry, then run a straight iron through it. This helps to heat seal the color in, making it bold & rich. This can start to get messy,because there is left over color it will dye your hands & out side of straight iron. *Cleans up with Alcohol* 

So after looking like I slaughtered a Purple People Eater & bathing in its blood, HERE ARE THE RESULTS!! 

TA-DA! Purple!

This last photo is in really bright natural light *with flash*. Wanted to show how the highlights came out! Weeeee!

I am really enjoying this hair color. Tons of compliments! My hair is silky smooth & rich in color. My pillow case is dyed purple, but eh, oh well. My neck & hands....well pretty much everything was covered in purple. But I'm an Artist & its all a method of madness with me.  So thats my new hair! Happy Turkey Week Folks! Enjoy! 


P.s: Grandma LOVES the hair! ;)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Favorite Makeup: Eye Edition

What products I use ALL the time
*Eye Edition*
So today, I wanted to show some of the products that are my ALL TIME FAVORITES

Lately I've been really into doing Pink, Purple & White *glitter of coarse!*

To achieve this look, I use Sugarpill Cosmetics "Sweet Heart" Palette

This palette comes with 4 amazing colors! 

Dollipop-(Matte Pink) 

Afterparty-(Rich Bright Blue w/light shimmer)

Midori- (Kelly Green/Grass Green w/light shimmer)

Tako- (Matte White)

For this look, I use Dollipop & Tako.
Sugarpills eye shadows are truly amazing! Super rich in pigment with little fall out. Never any wasted product *which I'm a stickler on* All day wear (I do use eye primer) Color is bright and vibrant. Blends very well and you can really pack on the color.
 Then I apply Sugarpill Cosmetics Loose Eye Shadow "Magentric"
  This loose shadow adds extra bold color pop & lots of shimmer!
 Super Fine. Love how well this blends. MmmMmm....
The packaging is beautiful! I love all of the artistic details on these products

                        I also apply "Hysteric" over the purple

I also use my 120 Palette ALL THE TIME! I bought mine off ebay for $12 
I use the dark purple mixed with a lighter purple. I'll point them out in next picture.

Ok, so...4th from the bottom right & the purple above that too, are the ones i used. Really any purple that is about gone are the ones i use lol. 

 Tarina Tarantino "Sparklicity Pure" is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! If you LOVE SPARKLE, then this is the product for you. This one has a Very faint pink hue to it. I still slap it over every color i've ever used.

I use MAC Paint Pot "Painterly" as my eye primer. Works really well. I've been using it for years. I have tried MANY other eye primers, but nothing works as good as this! I also use MAC Paint Pot "Blackground" for lining my eyes. This can be used wet or dry. I do it both ways, depends on my mood.

For Lashes, I use Benefit BAD gal Lash. Again, this is another product that I have been using for years. If you love big thick bold lashes, then this is the masscara for you! A tube last FOREVER!!

Here is a shot of the brushes I use. These are all MAC. I've had them for YEARS. But on a side note, I used to be a label whore & only bought MAC. I have broke that horrible problem and now try all kinds of amazing products. These are really great brushes though. Been through hell and back with them lol.

The false lashes in the picture at the top are from Wal-Mart Halloween section. Price: $3.97
*Secret Tip: LOVE LASHES?!? Day after Halloween, everything is clearenced...that includes their lashes!! Have at it ladies!*

So that was a quick run through of my Favorite products I use to create my eyes. Hope you've enjoyed! Feel free to ask any questions or just leave a comment! Thanks for taking the time to read~

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Are you afraid of the dark? Tale of Demon Cows

Are you afraid of the dark?
So this post has NOTHING to do with nails or makeup. BUT! It is October, well all need a little scaring now & then. Its been a very long time since I've experience such a tale worth telling.

Summited for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story 
[throws powder into fire]

The Tale Of Demon Cows In The Valley

"Silence is power. The power of the unknown, the unspoken. It can be a blessing- a welcome moment of peace. Or it can be Evil. The trick is to know when to welcome it, and when to be very afraid."- Are You Afraid Of The Dark? (1994)

I am going to tell this tale the best I can. For these situations have not directly happened to me. 

A few months ago, someone I know was found half naked from the waist down in a Wal-mart parking lot, poring water on herself, screaming at the top of her lungs that she is trying to drown the devil out of her body.

*Holy shit, right? I know! What a way to start a story*

She was told at the hospital that she was "dehydrated" & released. The only explanation we could get out of her was that she met a lady off of Craigslist and she either picked up a Evil Spirit or the lady put a hex on her. Most of its pretty hazy. That's all the information we could get. 

Now you are probably like me and wondering "What the hell is she on?!?!?" ...the creepy part? Nothing. She rarely even smokes pot. New born Christian. 

So time goes by and strange things keep happening to her. Getting tons of strange random emails/messages/AIMS popping up saying scary shit. "You're Going To Die" , "Your Sons In Danger"
Lights keep turning off. All the breaks on her car went out. Someone from church offered to fix her breaks & let her use his mothers car. She got in the car....I wouldn't work. Nothing. Dead.
His mother climbs right in & starts it right up. Some Final Destination shit.

So the other night her son needed a ride to youth group. I offered to take him & take her to the grocery store. I walk up to the house & there is a radio blaring music on the front porch. As we pull out I notice there is a white cross in front of her driveway. I ask if someone had wreaked there *that's the kinda cross that it was or at least made me think it was* She tells me "No, I made "them" and placed them around the perimeter of the house. Along with an Olive Oil Holy Protection Line. But the protection was broke and they are back even stronger now." 

"Oh. Really."

As we drive away, I notice there are white painted crosses everywhere on the property. The sun is just starting to set.

I get her son to youth group and we about all of the strange things going on and how she is in a "Holy War with Demons and The Devil"

Now again, In my head in thinking she's lost her damn mind, going crazy...hell at this point I'm thinking she's NUTS! But I try and tell her how she needs to be strong and stand up to these "Evil" forces. Tell them they have to leave, that's her house, not theirs.

*SIDE NOTE: I am not religious. I do believe in a higher power, ghosts, demons, ect. But on a very skeptical level. Very level headed, straight forward kind of person.* 

We drive back to her house after youth group. 
It's late October. A cool crisp breeze blowing through the autumn air. The maple leaves glowing red through the night sky. It's just past 8:00pm, but already dark. My friend lives out in the country on beautiful property with nothing but cows as your neighbors. Fields as far as the eye can see. Secluded, Quiet, Alone. As we pull into the driveway, my friend is juiced. She's ready to go in the house & rip the devil a new one. As we pull in, I feel a very heavy feeling. Something strange. 

I get out of the car and light a cigarette. My friend charges into battle with the Devil, yelling at the top of her lungs. Immediately I notice the sound of cows. They were at the very far end of the property, a few football fields away, but I hear them. 
Death Mooing.
It sounded as if 20 cows were giving birth at the same time. Zombie Cows....Demon Cows. 
I've never heard such a noise in my life. It was chilling. Her son said he has never heard the cows ever do anything like this. While I'm outside tripping on Zombie Demon Cows Death Moos, my friend is still in the house freakin out. Screaming prayers, stomping around. Then I hear her yell 

All of the cows stop mooing. Mid moo and it goes dead silent. Not a peep. Nothing.

*this is not a religious plug by any means*

Shivers are starting from my fingers tips creeping its way up my spine. The air is thick. I feel something. But I don't know what. But I feel it. Something heavy around me. Bad Mo-Jo.
*Again, usually this kinda weird shit doesn't get to me. But this shits starting to get real*
My stomach starts to turn. I'm staring into the black night trying to see something, anything that would explain the cows abrupt stop. But there was nothing there.
I get this strange pull. My gut is screaming it. My head is fighting the urge. But I know I have too. Theres something here. I feel it.
We need to pray. 

Its been YEARS since I've prayed...and even longer since I've grabbed some hands & said "We need to Pray"

As I walk up to the house, I enter through the back this time. There is another radio blaring music back here too. Its at this time, I notice that it's christian music screaming into the night. I enter the house to find my friend screaming to the demons to leave....while doing crazy ass push-ups. The dogs have been urinating on the floors. The smell is pungent. I am feeling a presence now. Theres something here. The air is thick *not just with dog piss*,  a slight chill.

I gather them & we take hands and we pray.
I defiantly felt a force of evil, but at the same time an equal force of good. Very hard to explain. *Now I'm sounding crazy*
After we pray, my friend starts quoting bible verses and rubbing olive oil around the windows and door frames. Demon Knight style. It's at this time, I make my exit. Walking briskly out the back and past the blaring music and B-line it straight to the car. I don't even consider smoking a cigarette before I go. 

The last image I have in my head, are of the head lights illuminating the front of her little blue country home. With creepy little make-shift crosses sprouting up from the autumn ground. White washed, gleaming like little rays of hope in the dark and scary night. But knowing they leave little protection from what lies beneath. 

To this day, that battle still rages on. 

Hope you have enjoyed my little adventure. Think what you may, but this is what's been happening and this is how I could try & explain it. But next time you hear the death moos of a cow, there just might be a little something more lurking around the corner. 

BWHAHAHAHA! Happy Halloween! 

UPDATE: While Proof Reading This Story, I had the BIGGEST feeling of a very scary De Ja Vu. *breathes* Weird. Too Weird. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Are you a Oregon Ducks Fan? Show your True Colors!

                   -Oregon Ducks Makeup-

So it's duck season again! I wanted to show a few beauty products that can add to your quackiness! Show your Oregon Love, by going all out! Here are a few companies that have great products that would work perfect! *Or if you are a Green Bay Packers Fan*

Lime Crime Makeup:
SERPENTINA dark emerald green poison ivy lipstick -$15.99

NEW YOLK CITY opaque yellow lipstick -$15.99

Sugarpill Cosmetics:

MIDORI- Vibrant Green w/ a slightly pearl sheen $12.00

BUTTERCUPCAKE PRESSED EYESHADOW- The brightest bright matte yellow w/awesome opaque coverage

Don't forget Temporary Tattoos! 

The Official Oregon Ducks store carries them. *Proceeds Directly Support UO Athletics*  $3.95


OPI Nail Polish:
*side note: If you are in Eugene, go to Beauty Supply on W. 11th , bottles of OPI are under $6 each!!!*
OPI "Here today...Aragon Tomorrow"
OPI "The "IT" Color"
OPI "Goldeneye"

Ebay is a great place to get colored wigs really cheap! *Under $20!*

This list could go on for days, but those are some of my top choices for Oregon Duck Beauty products. I hope this list gets a few people inspired to go all out this football season! 

*a super quick look I did last season, please excuse the rough brows*



Saturday, October 13, 2012

If you give a Makeup Artist a pair of Devil Horns...

       Halloween Makeup Haul

*If you want to see some Halloween FX makeup make sure to check out my other Halloween post"Unzipped"!*

Today I took a trip over to Spirit Halloween Store. I needed a new pair of devil horns for my husbands costume. They didn't have the style they did last year...grrr. So I decided I would try a couple other options. Which now this story will take on a Halloween Version of "If you give a cat a cupcake". 

If you give a makeup artist a pair of devil horns, they will need some Spirit Gum to go with them & Liquid Latex too...
They will be excited, but then will quickly realize they need Red & Black Grease makeup.
Now we are starting to look like a devil. But this year needs to be really scary! So this makeup artist will say they need some blood.
But they need bloody scab! There is only one kit that has it. Bla. But they need it, so they buy it.

Hm...What if those first devil horns aren't any good?!? So the makeup artist will need ANOTHER pair of devil horns.

Throw in some glitter & eyelashes!

So...if you give a makeup artist some Devil Horns...be ready to spend some money & have an adventure! 

So that was my haul of the day! I will be reviewing these products very soon! Thanks for reading! Subscribe! Any questions, leave me a comment!! 

If you want to see some Halloween FX makeup make sure to check out my other Halloween post"Unzipped"!