Thursday, October 25, 2012

Favorite Makeup: Eye Edition

What products I use ALL the time
*Eye Edition*
So today, I wanted to show some of the products that are my ALL TIME FAVORITES

Lately I've been really into doing Pink, Purple & White *glitter of coarse!*

To achieve this look, I use Sugarpill Cosmetics "Sweet Heart" Palette

This palette comes with 4 amazing colors! 

Dollipop-(Matte Pink) 

Afterparty-(Rich Bright Blue w/light shimmer)

Midori- (Kelly Green/Grass Green w/light shimmer)

Tako- (Matte White)

For this look, I use Dollipop & Tako.
Sugarpills eye shadows are truly amazing! Super rich in pigment with little fall out. Never any wasted product *which I'm a stickler on* All day wear (I do use eye primer) Color is bright and vibrant. Blends very well and you can really pack on the color.
 Then I apply Sugarpill Cosmetics Loose Eye Shadow "Magentric"
  This loose shadow adds extra bold color pop & lots of shimmer!
 Super Fine. Love how well this blends. MmmMmm....
The packaging is beautiful! I love all of the artistic details on these products

                        I also apply "Hysteric" over the purple

I also use my 120 Palette ALL THE TIME! I bought mine off ebay for $12 
I use the dark purple mixed with a lighter purple. I'll point them out in next picture.

Ok, so...4th from the bottom right & the purple above that too, are the ones i used. Really any purple that is about gone are the ones i use lol. 

 Tarina Tarantino "Sparklicity Pure" is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! If you LOVE SPARKLE, then this is the product for you. This one has a Very faint pink hue to it. I still slap it over every color i've ever used.

I use MAC Paint Pot "Painterly" as my eye primer. Works really well. I've been using it for years. I have tried MANY other eye primers, but nothing works as good as this! I also use MAC Paint Pot "Blackground" for lining my eyes. This can be used wet or dry. I do it both ways, depends on my mood.

For Lashes, I use Benefit BAD gal Lash. Again, this is another product that I have been using for years. If you love big thick bold lashes, then this is the masscara for you! A tube last FOREVER!!

Here is a shot of the brushes I use. These are all MAC. I've had them for YEARS. But on a side note, I used to be a label whore & only bought MAC. I have broke that horrible problem and now try all kinds of amazing products. These are really great brushes though. Been through hell and back with them lol.

The false lashes in the picture at the top are from Wal-Mart Halloween section. Price: $3.97
*Secret Tip: LOVE LASHES?!? Day after Halloween, everything is clearenced...that includes their lashes!! Have at it ladies!*

So that was a quick run through of my Favorite products I use to create my eyes. Hope you've enjoyed! Feel free to ask any questions or just leave a comment! Thanks for taking the time to read~


  1. Hi there! I wish I was as good as you are at makeup. I am rubbish.

    I am a brand new follower and I am really enjoying your work here. Though you like makeup and I like nails best I think we have quite a bit in common actually. For one thing, we both live in the Pacific Northwest. I am in Sonoma co CA. Waving hello from down south. See u soon!

    Great job!

  2. Thank you for the kind comment. I once was rubbish too, but just like nails, its practice practice practice! I am equally crazy about nails as I am makeup. Ive just been doing makeup longer. I hope my blog may inspire you to take a chance and try something wildly new some day! Thank you again for your kind comments! means the world to me <3 ;)

  3. I soooo wish I had more time to play with my makeup! I used to do it all the time and most days I don't wear any except on Sundays and that is just mineral powder and mascara! That Sugarpill eyeshadow is gorgeous! I love really bold makeup and I like what you did on your eye, you've got a lot of talent! :)