Saturday, September 22, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 1- Red

     -31 Day Nail Challenge-
             -Day 1-

Ok! So here we go! I am starting the 31 Day Nail Challenge! If you are not familiar with the challenge, here is the list. One color a day, for 31 days! *side note: I couldnt wait for October, so I just started. As along as I do 31, who cares when I start or end, eh?*

Starting with day 1- Red Nails
*Side note: I did not clean up my nails before these photos. Mother of 2, I'm amazing i got this far with them, lol. Knew if I didn't do em & takes pics, this project/blog wouldn't have happened*

I noticed a lot of people doing bright red nails. I wanted to go a little bit darker. Since today is officially the first day of the fall season, I thought these colors were a nice match.

Im loving this color combo. OPI "Bogota Blackberry" over laid with NOX "Disco Darling" with black tips in NOX "Black Tie" 

                    -OPI-"Bogota Blackberry"
                      -NOX-"Disco Darling"
                       -NOX-"Black Tie"

So that was Day 1! Not perfect, but really fun. *Even my husband loved them* These are great for Fall & the up coming holidays. Again I apologize for not cleaning them up. But i'm sure everyone gets the idea :) Let me know what you think! Enjoy! 

-Miss Massikur

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