Monday, September 24, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 3- Yellow

              -31 Day Nail Challenge-
             -Day 3-

So for some reason I was having a hell of a time doing nails today. I started a set, then messed them up & started over. So after a few attempts, I said screw it. Here is today's yellow nail challenge. 

Its supposed to be Graveyard/Cemetery theme. The "gate" was a miss. Just not very happy, but i have no more patience for the color yellow. But use these as inspiration. 

       Some tombstone action going on here.

I used:

Sinful Color "Unicorn"
NOX "Black Tie"
L.A. Colors/Art Deco "Black" & "Red" & "Silver"

I found the yellow to be a little thick. Hard to get a clean coat. Im sure if i thinned it down, it would be better. Really nice color though. Very different from any other yellow I own. Plus the name got me. :)

So that was Day 3, Yellow! *cursing a few choice words* 

Lets hope tomorrow goes a little smoother, lol. Don't forget to Subscribe to my craziness! ;) ~Miss Massikur

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