Thursday, September 27, 2012

Makeup Looks!

So I thought I would throw up a few makeup looks that i've done in the last few days. 

If anyone has a question feel free to leave a comment!

I tend to use A LOT of makeup *Not all of us are graced with "natural beauty" lol* So I promise one day I will come back & add a list of everything I use. Again, have a question, leave a comment! :D

A little background: I just had a baby 5 weeks ago. It was a miserable pregnancy. No makeup, no hair styling, nada. Sweats. For 9 months. I am slowing getting back into doing makeup again. So here are a few looks from this week:

    $2.97 walmart lashes & MAC Red lipstick

     Sugarpill & my $2.97 Walmart lashes *again*

Here are some looks i've done in the past!



So there are a few looks that I have done! :D
I still have tons of pics to post! So stay tuned! Don't for get to Subscribe! Questions or Comments, Feel free to post!Thanks!


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