Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Are you afraid of the dark? Tale of Demon Cows

Are you afraid of the dark?
So this post has NOTHING to do with nails or makeup. BUT! It is October, well all need a little scaring now & then. Its been a very long time since I've experience such a tale worth telling.

Summited for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story 
[throws powder into fire]

The Tale Of Demon Cows In The Valley

"Silence is power. The power of the unknown, the unspoken. It can be a blessing- a welcome moment of peace. Or it can be Evil. The trick is to know when to welcome it, and when to be very afraid."- Are You Afraid Of The Dark? (1994)

I am going to tell this tale the best I can. For these situations have not directly happened to me. 

A few months ago, someone I know was found half naked from the waist down in a Wal-mart parking lot, poring water on herself, screaming at the top of her lungs that she is trying to drown the devil out of her body.

*Holy shit, right? I know! What a way to start a story*

She was told at the hospital that she was "dehydrated" & released. The only explanation we could get out of her was that she met a lady off of Craigslist and she either picked up a Evil Spirit or the lady put a hex on her. Most of its pretty hazy. That's all the information we could get. 

Now you are probably like me and wondering "What the hell is she on?!?!?" ...the creepy part? Nothing. She rarely even smokes pot. New born Christian. 

So time goes by and strange things keep happening to her. Getting tons of strange random emails/messages/AIMS popping up saying scary shit. "You're Going To Die" , "Your Sons In Danger"
Lights keep turning off. All the breaks on her car went out. Someone from church offered to fix her breaks & let her use his mothers car. She got in the car....I wouldn't work. Nothing. Dead.
His mother climbs right in & starts it right up. Some Final Destination shit.

So the other night her son needed a ride to youth group. I offered to take him & take her to the grocery store. I walk up to the house & there is a radio blaring music on the front porch. As we pull out I notice there is a white cross in front of her driveway. I ask if someone had wreaked there *that's the kinda cross that it was or at least made me think it was* She tells me "No, I made "them" and placed them around the perimeter of the house. Along with an Olive Oil Holy Protection Line. But the protection was broke and they are back even stronger now." 

"Oh. Really."

As we drive away, I notice there are white painted crosses everywhere on the property. The sun is just starting to set.

I get her son to youth group and we about all of the strange things going on and how she is in a "Holy War with Demons and The Devil"

Now again, In my head in thinking she's lost her damn mind, going crazy...hell at this point I'm thinking she's NUTS! But I try and tell her how she needs to be strong and stand up to these "Evil" forces. Tell them they have to leave, that's her house, not theirs.

*SIDE NOTE: I am not religious. I do believe in a higher power, ghosts, demons, ect. But on a very skeptical level. Very level headed, straight forward kind of person.* 

We drive back to her house after youth group. 
It's late October. A cool crisp breeze blowing through the autumn air. The maple leaves glowing red through the night sky. It's just past 8:00pm, but already dark. My friend lives out in the country on beautiful property with nothing but cows as your neighbors. Fields as far as the eye can see. Secluded, Quiet, Alone. As we pull into the driveway, my friend is juiced. She's ready to go in the house & rip the devil a new one. As we pull in, I feel a very heavy feeling. Something strange. 

I get out of the car and light a cigarette. My friend charges into battle with the Devil, yelling at the top of her lungs. Immediately I notice the sound of cows. They were at the very far end of the property, a few football fields away, but I hear them. 
Death Mooing.
It sounded as if 20 cows were giving birth at the same time. Zombie Cows....Demon Cows. 
I've never heard such a noise in my life. It was chilling. Her son said he has never heard the cows ever do anything like this. While I'm outside tripping on Zombie Demon Cows Death Moos, my friend is still in the house freakin out. Screaming prayers, stomping around. Then I hear her yell 

All of the cows stop mooing. Mid moo and it goes dead silent. Not a peep. Nothing.

*this is not a religious plug by any means*

Shivers are starting from my fingers tips creeping its way up my spine. The air is thick. I feel something. But I don't know what. But I feel it. Something heavy around me. Bad Mo-Jo.
*Again, usually this kinda weird shit doesn't get to me. But this shits starting to get real*
My stomach starts to turn. I'm staring into the black night trying to see something, anything that would explain the cows abrupt stop. But there was nothing there.
I get this strange pull. My gut is screaming it. My head is fighting the urge. But I know I have too. Theres something here. I feel it.
We need to pray. 

Its been YEARS since I've prayed...and even longer since I've grabbed some hands & said "We need to Pray"

As I walk up to the house, I enter through the back this time. There is another radio blaring music back here too. Its at this time, I notice that it's christian music screaming into the night. I enter the house to find my friend screaming to the demons to leave....while doing crazy ass push-ups. The dogs have been urinating on the floors. The smell is pungent. I am feeling a presence now. Theres something here. The air is thick *not just with dog piss*,  a slight chill.

I gather them & we take hands and we pray.
I defiantly felt a force of evil, but at the same time an equal force of good. Very hard to explain. *Now I'm sounding crazy*
After we pray, my friend starts quoting bible verses and rubbing olive oil around the windows and door frames. Demon Knight style. It's at this time, I make my exit. Walking briskly out the back and past the blaring music and B-line it straight to the car. I don't even consider smoking a cigarette before I go. 

The last image I have in my head, are of the head lights illuminating the front of her little blue country home. With creepy little make-shift crosses sprouting up from the autumn ground. White washed, gleaming like little rays of hope in the dark and scary night. But knowing they leave little protection from what lies beneath. 

To this day, that battle still rages on. 

Hope you have enjoyed my little adventure. Think what you may, but this is what's been happening and this is how I could try & explain it. But next time you hear the death moos of a cow, there just might be a little something more lurking around the corner. 

BWHAHAHAHA! Happy Halloween! 

UPDATE: While Proof Reading This Story, I had the BIGGEST feeling of a very scary De Ja Vu. *breathes* Weird. Too Weird. 


  1. Clap Clap Clap Clap Bravo!!!!! Standing O! Now, is this true? Hahahahaha who cares it is GREAT!

  2. Thank you so much! *blushing* Yes. This story is very real. No joke. Just happened 3 nights ago. Spooky stuff.
    Thanks again for the super sweet comment! :D