Saturday, October 13, 2012

If you give a Makeup Artist a pair of Devil Horns...

       Halloween Makeup Haul

*If you want to see some Halloween FX makeup make sure to check out my other Halloween post"Unzipped"!*

Today I took a trip over to Spirit Halloween Store. I needed a new pair of devil horns for my husbands costume. They didn't have the style they did last year...grrr. So I decided I would try a couple other options. Which now this story will take on a Halloween Version of "If you give a cat a cupcake". 

If you give a makeup artist a pair of devil horns, they will need some Spirit Gum to go with them & Liquid Latex too...
They will be excited, but then will quickly realize they need Red & Black Grease makeup.
Now we are starting to look like a devil. But this year needs to be really scary! So this makeup artist will say they need some blood.
But they need bloody scab! There is only one kit that has it. Bla. But they need it, so they buy it.

Hm...What if those first devil horns aren't any good?!? So the makeup artist will need ANOTHER pair of devil horns.

Throw in some glitter & eyelashes!

So...if you give a makeup artist some Devil ready to spend some money & have an adventure! 

So that was my haul of the day! I will be reviewing these products very soon! Thanks for reading! Subscribe! Any questions, leave me a comment!! 

If you want to see some Halloween FX makeup make sure to check out my other Halloween post"Unzipped"!



  1. Lol thanks! I just started blogging and like to have fun with it. Stay at home mom with a weird wrong humor. ;P

  2. Wow, great halloween makeup ideas! I love them, thanks for sharing! Now I have lots of halloween makeup ideas to work on in this coming Halloween 2013. One problem is that i have lots of options i am now confused, LOL.

    Cheers to all!

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