Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Look "Unzipped"

       Halloween Makeup Look

So I did a Halloween Makeup look & thought I would share it! It's an Unzipped look. I saw this on Youtube a few years ago & always wanted to try it. I watched Petrilude's Youtube video & was totally inspired! Plus I have a thing for Men & Drag. *Kisses!* NEWAYS-

So FOUR YEARS LATER! I see this kit at Walmart. I've tried some of these kits before & its pretty hit or miss with them. This was definitely a hit. *I did add a lot of my own stuff though* BUT! This kit had everything I DIDN'T have. 

This kit comes with:

-One Zipper

-One packet of Spirit Gum (very generous amount)

-One packet of Spirit Gum Remover (Ah-ha! we're thinking ahead here! I like that!)

-One packet of "Bloody Scab" (my favorite)

-Brush for applying Spirit Gum

-Two Makeup Sponges

-Palette of White & Black Makeup

I also picked up two .97 tube of Makeup/Face paint stuff (Red & White) i am *the scariest part*
*I'm looking very silly right about now* 
SO! I cut down the extra black trim on the zipper & took a lighter to the raw edge and sealed them. SIDE NOTE: I noticed a lot of people using liquid latex, tissue paper, wax, ALL KINDS OF SHIT Glued to their face to hide the wide fabric on the zipper* I was just doing a test run for Halloween, and didn't want/have time to commit to such work. SOoOoOo...I went this route.

Unzip zipper & play with it until you find a good spot/amount of zippiness desired. Then I applied a Generous amount of Spirit Gum to the back of the zipper. Spirit Gum can be messy FYI. Try not to get it all over the place like I did. Once dry & in place, I applied "My Face". SIDE NOTE: If anyone is interested in a tutorial or more information on the makeup leave me a comment. Until then, I'm skimming through this.

I added some fake eyelashes. Used some Sugarpill Cosmetics *My all time fave*, MAC *MAC's "Cyber" Lipstick is GREAT for bumps & bruises*, Vampires Blood, 120 Palette, Vice Palette Urban Decay, Smashbox...the list goes on.

And before you know it, I did this...

Again...this was a test run & first try @ Bloody Gore FX. But for a quick run through, I was pleased. After doing the look, I see LOTS of little details to add & things to fix. But that's the beauty of Test Runs. 

Here are a few more shots:

That was my "Unzipped" Look! Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what ya think! <3


  1. This is totally awesome!!! Great work and you made it look so realistic. I think I can't do this on my own. you are so talented. I'd love to feature this to my post regarding Halloween makeup ideas if you will allow me to. Thumbs up to you. Way to go, girl!

    1. Thanks love for the compliments! And of course you can do this! You never know until you try. I'd love for you to share, just add a link to my page!! Send me your page link too! Xoxo Kate