Saturday, October 13, 2012

Prt 2 of 2; Urban Decay Vice Palette Review

 Urban Decay Vice Palette Review

          Part 2 of 2
*Part 1 of 2, color swatches if you missed it* 

First of all let get this outta the way. I'm not impressed. $59.00 for 20 eye shadows. That works out to $2.95 per shadow. It IS & ISN't a good deal. They were very chalky & when blended, lost its luster & became almost grey in color. There was a lot of waste & fall out. Messy. 

So some of you are yelling at me to use them wet! Well I did. I'm not a fan of playing scientist while applying makeup. But I did, and found the color richer, but chunky. Not very blend-able. 

After buying this palette, I feel dumb. Fancy case, nice big mirror, little brush. Shit for color. I just don't appreciate paying 58.99 in packaging & .01 go toward junk product. Sure you can argue "If you're a good enough makeup artist, you should be able to use any product.". ...yeah yeah, true. BUT!!! I don't have time for that. I have a heavy hand with makeup & I want to lay quick heavy color & blend away. I'm a wife & mother of 2 young girls. I don't have time to waste money & make a product work.

Now, the light shimmer colors are nice *when lightly applied*, but a lot of fall out & wasted product with the shimmers. Anonymous is a great brow highlighter. But 3 colors out of 20 isn't that great. Chaos was VERY CHALKY. Not build-able, horrible pigmentation. When try to pack on the color for the swatch, the more I put on, the more it would come off. It was very strange. 

They say they have a new "patented pigment formula". You know what that means? More cost, less product. I'm tired if companies coming up with "new words" to sell their products. When I spell check, you know what always comes up companies phony words. Companies are trying to make it more than it is. There are a few companies that sell quality products *and I will share who*, most of it is over priced junk.

I WOULD RECOMMEND this palette to someone who wears VERY little eye makeup. A little swish here and there. This palette IS NOT for Color Freaks like me. It's was too over priced for what it is. My 120 palette kicks vice palettes ass any day of the week. *i paid $12.99 on eBay for my 120 palette!!!*

Sorry to be a buzz kill today, but I was pissed after trying this palette. So save your money guys & gals! There are far superior product at half the price.

UPDATE: This palette is slowing growing on me. I mainly use them to add color under the eye. Still do not use them if I have to blend. 

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