Wednesday, October 10, 2012

REVIEW: MAKEUP FOR EVER & BODY SHOP! & my MisAdventures with Silica Based Makeup

       A Scary/Sad Situation 
 which turned me on to something Great!

So I have been eye balling the Make Up For Ever HD Complextion Starter Kit from Sephora. MONTHS!! I've been drooling over this set. Thinking THIS what I need to have flawless skin. It had amazing reviews on the site of people RAVING over this stuff. So the other day, I was doing a little "retail therapy" & decided to buy it. 

The kit comes with:
-0.5 oz HD Microperfecting Primer
-1.01 oz HD Invisible Cover Foundation
-0.17oz HD Mircofinish Powder
-HD Kabuki Brush


I get home & start trying it out. Love the texture of the HD Mircoperfecting Primer. It's an Oil-Free formula that is light weight & helps to minimize pores. I noticed that it helped to fill in acne scares & other wonderful imperfections that grace my face.

The HD Invisible Cover Foundation was a little to light of coverage for me. I have a lot to cover up. Color of the foundation was a little light for me too. *I would of liked one shade darker I think*

Then I finished with their Award-Winning HD Microfinish Powder. I really enjoy the brush that this kit comes with. The powder was nice, but again, I wasn't freaking out or anything.

So I go about my day...I notice that my skin is starting to get tight...a little dry...
I woke up to find my face PEELING LIKE A SUNBURN! Dry & Crusty. Scaly Patches. Flaking Skin EVERYWHERE! I'm Freaking out at this point. My skin is so tight, Its causing wrinkles! *I'm 27!!*
*this is what my skin looked like*

 So I washed & moisturize... & moisturize...AND MOISTURIZE!! Nothing was helping.
*So Bad, I couldn't pull my self to take a picture,sorry*

I call my BFF who used to be an In-Home Body Shop Consultant. *Shame on Body Shop for doing away with this!* 

NEWAYS! I tell her about my skin & I need her to bring me a rescue kit ASAP! She knew JUST what to pull for me. 

So until she got to my place, I starting digging to find what would have caused this. Another long story made short, I'm allergic to "Silica". MAKE UP FOR EVER use it in their primer, Silica Mirco Balls. Now, most people do not have any issues with Silica. I have pretty sensitive skin.  

*INSIDE INFORMATION ABOUT ME: I am a Certified Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist. I have such a passion for Makeup, I went to school for it :D *

Back to the story: My BFF came over with some AMAZING PRODUCTS! *I kinda let my skin care go while I was pregnant & am just getting back into my routine*

Here is the list of products:

-Grapeseed Facial Exfoliator *normal/dry skin*
(Discontinued, try using Vitamin E Facial Exfoliator*

-Camomile Gental Eye Make-Up Remover *all skin types*

-Vitamin E Hydrating Toner *all skin types*

-Vitamin E Cream Cleanser *all skin types*

-Vitamin E Moisture Cream *all skin types*

-Aloe Protective Restoring Mask *Sensitive Skin*  (AMAZING!! OMG!)

-Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash *combination/oily skin*

-Seaweed Clarifying Toner *combination/oily skin*

-Seaweed Face Scrub *combination/oily skin*

-Seaweed Matting Day Cream *combination/oily skin*

-Cocoa Butter Creamy Body Wash

My girl comes prepared! She really hooked me up! She lets me try all of these products for a few days & then I buy the ones I LOVE from her. 

I started with the makeup remover. I was nice. But i wear A LOT of makeup. It works better in the shower, when you can really lather it & make a huge mess about the situation. Im not a wash my face in a sink kind girl. Then used the Grapeseed Exfoliator, it was just right for my tender damaged skin. It was able to get off quite a bit of dead & damaged skin off. Then I used Vitamin E Cream Cleanser. So soft & smooth. Amazingly light, but yummy scent about it. I then used the Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. Usually I would use toner in between each step to replenish PH levels, but since I was sampling these items, I didn't want to go crazy. Toner felt amazing on my skin! Fresh! At this point my skin is already looking 70% better! 

Then I used the Aloe Protective Restoring Mask. I bought this product that night. Really amazing product. If you are suffering from super dry skin, this is the product for you. Heres how it works...Put a layer of it all over your face, leave for 20 mins, then wipe any off excess with a towel & rub remaining product into face. This is the product that put my face to 96% better! This was a pretty severe allergic reaction, so these things can take time to fully heal. I was thinking a week, not 2 days. Before bed I used the Vitamin E Moisture Cream. Smooth, light & blends into the skin very well. 

I have yet to try the Seaweed Body Shop products. But my face is going back to normal *which means lots of oil* so I will add an update once I've tried them.

So my face is SOOO much better now! Yeah! But about the $79.00 I spent for such a crappy look? Sephora has a great & flexible return policy. I went & exchanged it for Urban Decays Vice Palette *Which is going to be another review* 

HD Complexion set was not for me. Not heavy enough & I was allergic to the Silica that was in the product. If you have minimum acne & not a lot of scarring, this might be for you. If you need a little more coverage, Id try MAC or another product.
Tried a slew of Body Shop products & LOVED everyone of them! They fixed/healed my face! Highly recommended! 

Hope you enjoyed this adventure/review! Let me know what you think or any questions you might have! Thanks~

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